Dexter Goh
5 min readMar 22, 2020


A quick reflection on 5 months of programming

Highly and most anticipated, I will suck

in my first article and I recognize that

but I’ll go ahead anyway to start the ball rolling without getting stuck in an editing death loop.

Actually i have been reading computer programming

all wrong. I can’t treat it with a mindset

that it is like a sport.

I have to treat it like learning magic.

Incantations and spells

Its all about tips and tricks,

hacks and modifying-

and not necessarily being only smart

but being witty and outwitting.

In sports, he who possesses the strongest

will to push very often finds success.

In programming, for now I have to operate

with a different type of mindset,

I need to think more of like Invoker in Dota.

First i have to remember all the basic combinations,

and i have to have quick thinking on thinking

what kind of combination solves the problem

of giving me the advantage in infinite

situations of my farming lane.

Then going deeper, solving the problem

of disarming heroes and which heroes in ganks,

solving the problem of whether to slow enemy

heroes down and why ,or deal as much damage as possible.

Then going even further, taking note of how

to farm as efficient as possible, and again with what skills

so actually,

If i want to practice problem solving skills

specifically back-end logic programming problem

solving skills.

I gotta play Dota

I gotta start playing Invoker

sounds ridiculous

I don’t know if it works.

I can play chess

its traditional

it works.

but its not fast pace enough

I can add a timer