The Art Of Thinking Clearly: Interim Reflection — Ch1 to Ch45

Dexter Goh
7 min readMay 6, 2021

As I continue pursuing my education in software development. the one thing that remain consistently present like a true north guiding every step of the way, is the subject of “thinking” in many different aspects, and I was genuinely shocked and intrigued that as a species we have put down in writing an abundance of methodologies, patterns, strategies dedicated to “the process of considering or reasoning about something”. — Google’s definition of the word “thinking

here’s what I’ve come across,

  1. Thinking critically (what’s within the box)
  2. Design thinking (thinking designs in the best interest of the user)

and introducing a new unfolding spectrum, the 3rd one, “Clear Thinking”, or “Thinking clearly”; still needs a little more work in coining a satisfiable term for it; In which I will be reviewing after finishing the book which I hope will be of value to my peers and other developers in the community just starting out fresh well into their rookie years.

My intention is for this to serve you well in some form or another.

if you like to first read a compressed version of my findings, skip all the way to the summary point before making your way back to here if you are further intrigued and in need of elaboration.

In the first 15 chapters,

Rolf Dobelli explored numerous outrageous and even downright outlandish ideas such as,
- if 50 million people say something foolish
- sunk cost fallacy
- confirmation bias
- authority bias
- availability bias

I like to draw attention just on authority bias and confirmation bias for this reflection piece- because as students, and this gift to us from our teachers in our talent development program. something doesn’t seem to click at first because in school it is the complete opposite- here I won’t concede to “Asian culture” but just solely being at where I am how I felt this was the norm of how things are done and the manner in we are brought up to give respect to authority not just because we are following blindly but they have been recognized and bound by…